Our Kaka'ako

Kamehameha Schools’ vision for Our Kaka‘ako is to create a progressive, 21st century living community that will act as a catalyst for innovation and nurture the evolution of a vibrant urban island culture within a beautiful, healthy and sustainable neighborhood.

Walk the streets of Our Kaka‘ako on any given day, and you’ll feel the creative energy and see why this is such a popular place to live, work, play and visit. As a growing community, this is also a major site for continued redevelopment under Kamehameha Schools’ Kaiāulu ʻo Kaka‘ako Master Plan (KKMP).

The Our Kaka‘ako Master Plan, approved in 2009 by the Hawai‘i Community Development Authority (HCDA), encompasses 29 acres on nine city blocks of Kamehameha Schools land in Kaka‘ako. Increment I of the master plan, which includes four blocks (A, B, E, F), has been completed, and Kamehameha Schools and its development partners are in the planning stages for the remaining five blocks (C, D, G, H, I) under Increment II.

Kaiāulu ʻō Kaka‘ako Master Plan

Kamehameha Schools’ Kaiāulu ʻō Kaka‘ako Master Plan (KKMP) calls for the development of a mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood featuring a range of housing options for owners and renters – from low-rise residences to high-rise towers – inviting green spaces, walking paths, and unique retail and dining experiences. Increment I of this urban community in Honolulu has provided a successful start to fulfill Kamehameha Schools’ vision for Our Kaka‘ako.

Upcoming Development Projects in Increment II

Under Increment II, Our Kaka‘ako will gain additional affordable, workforce and market-priced housing, retail areas, open spaces, broad sidewalks and public art. Our Kakaʻako is providing a brighter future for Hawaiʻi by creating new places for people to live and work.

As with Increment I, Kamehameha Schools will partner with developers on residential rental projects and commercial spaces. With respect to for-sale condominium projects, development companies purchase Kamehameha Schools land, build projects, and offer individual units for sale to residential buyers.

Increment II Projects with Guest Developers
​​​​​​​Block C
: Kahuina

Kahuina, meaning “the crossroads and intersections,” will be a mixed-use project in the Our Kaka‘ako master plan neighborhood developed by ​​Stanford Carr Development LLC. It will include 861 residential units — with 60% of the units designated as workforce and affordable housing — as well as 35,000 square feet of commercial space to help support our local economy and expand the dining and shopping options in Our Kakaʻako.
​​​​​​​Find out more in our Kahuina news release.

Block IĀlia

Ālia takes its name from the Hawaiian word for salt bed, alluding to the salt flats that historically comprised the region. The Kobayashi Group will develop this project, which will feature 477 new homes, of which 437 units will be available at market price and 40 homes will be in reserve housing. It will also include 3,500 square feet of ground-floor commercial space that will facilitate a pedestrian-friendly experience, community interaction, and urban outdoor living.

​​​​​​​Find out more in our. Ālia news release

Block GKaliʻu Increment II​​​​​​​

Kaliʻu will be the next redevelopment project in Our Kakaʻako, with ProsPac selected as the developer. The 400-foot structure will comprise 330 market-priced homes and 42,000 square feet of commercial space that will expand the neighborhood retail, grocery, and dining options in Our Kaka‘ako. Kaliʻu, meaning well-seasoned in Hawaiian, embodies concepts of resource stewardship and sustainability and honors the region’s famous salt-bed lands in old Hawaiʻi.

​​​​​​​Find out more in our. Kaliʻu news release

Completed Increment I Development Projects​​​​​​​

Blocks A, B, E and F under Increment I are fully developed. A total of 1,336 residential units have been built, of which 456 (34%) are rental housing units. Increment I also features 184,000+ sq. ft. of commercial space and 50,000+ sq. ft. of open space.

Block A: Keauhou Place, Keauhou Lane
Block B: 400 Keawe, The Flats at Pu‘unui
Block E: The Collection
Block F: SALT, 680 Ala Moana

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